The World Above the Sky

The World Above the Sky
A fantasy/romance/adventure novel, 339 pages, with maps, and author's note.
“Stetson, who’s no slouch in the dreaming department, may in fact remind some here of a latter-day J.R.R. Tolkien … The World Above the Sky charts an arduous journey through Nature-gone-unnatural … The reddened sands and foaming seas of his constructs churn into a phosphorescent cosmos of grace.  Sail as far as you like … you should be so lucky as to drop anchor in The World Above the Sky.”
 – Porter Anderson is critic emeritus of the Village Voice, CNN Anchor/Producer, and fellow of the National Critics Institute of the USA.
The World Above the Sky tells the story of a young woman whose lineage stretches back beyond the Christ and Mary Magdalene, past the kings David and Solomon, past the man/god Pharaohs of Egypt to the dawn of time itself.
The Royal and Holy Blood flows in seventeen year old Eugainia's veins. She is the living flesh-and-blood embodiment of The Holy Grail.
The year is 1398. Eugainia is transported from certain death at the hands of Antonio Zeno and her inquisitional enemies in fourteenth century Europe to the safety of the New World. 
Highland Scot Prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, Baron of Rosslyn, is Eugainia’s protector and champion. He commands a fleet of twelve vessels in a perilous winter crossing of the North Atlantic. Prince Henry clings to the Knights Templar dream of establishing New Arcadia in the new world with Eugainia St. Claire Delacroix enthroned at its beating heart.
On the Atlantic coast of present-day Nova Scotia, Canada, stands Mimktawo’qu’sk, the handsome, recently widowed young chief-in-waiting of the east coast Mi’kmaq people.  
In Mimktawo’qu’sk's veins runs the Ancient and Honorable fire of Grandfather Sun, the healing power of Grandmother Moon. His is The Blood of The People, blood as potent with magic as the living bones of the world beneath the earth, blood rich in the mysteries of the earth world, the sky world, the star world, the ghost world and the world above the sky. 
Mimktawo’qu’sk watches as Eugainia is carried ashore. She is weak, near death, suffering the last stages of a difficult pregnancy. He summons his Earth and Sky World powers.
Two young lives are about to change forever.